Heavy Haul Trucking Jobs

CDX Heavy Haul Drivers have more experience than the normal truck driver, This is because heavy haul is a specialized area in trucking which requires more experience and know how to be able to successfully transport loads.
Currently at CDX we have multiple job openings for Heavy Haul Drivers, so if you think you may have what it takes, hit the Job Application button and get on your way to the career you have always wanted.

Drive For CDX

Custom Diesel Express may not be one of the largest companies in the flatbed industry but that is a good thing, being a smaller company allows us to pay attention to the needs of our drivers and other fellow employees. This also allows us to give all of our driver’s great loads whereas other companies only give loads out every so often. Aside from this we also have some of the highest pay in the industry which really allows us to compete with the larger companies.

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